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How does the package is delivered?
The package is delivered by a currier: EMS - door to door

How does the items are wrapped?
Each item is wrapped in a safety  box. It is possible to get the item packed in a special present packing (Please indicate that upon placing the order).


How long it takes to deliver the order from day of placing it?

If we have the item in stock - about 3-4 days. If not -  about 2-4 weeks.


Does special order may be placed (other design than in the catalogue)?



Does unique logo and special engraving may be ordered ?



What are the items made of?

The items are made of: Crystal, stainless steel, Brass coated by gold 24K or sterling silver or Nickel.


How to clean the product?

By a spray windows with cotton swab.


Where do the items can be purchased?

They can be purchased in Museums stores & Judaica galleries and stores in: Israel, U.S.A, Canada, London, Paris, Rome, Australia, Panama & Mexico.

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